Custom Drapes Calabasas

Custom Drapes Calabasas

Want to transform your windows into a stunning centerpiece? Our custom drapes Calabasas direct workroom provides the residents of Calabasas, LA & Ventura Counties with a vast selection of beautiful draperies and window coverings to match any room. Custom drapes and window treatments add a fabulous accent to frame your windows, match up your interiors, bring in insulation and cover light gaps.

At Custom Drapes Calabasas we are a direct manufacturer workroom with a fully staffed interior design department where you’ll find custom drapes and curtains (aka custom panels) designed based on your specific requirements at a price that won’t break the bank. Whether your design choice is contemporary, classic, futuristic, laid-back or formal, you can pick any combination of material and style to achieve the look you’re aiming for.

Custom Drapes Calabasas delivers a huge selection of fabric choices like solids, prints, stripes, and textures made out of organic, synthetic or blended materials. We also offer custom drapes using special fabrics (light-filtering, insulating, room-darkening) and drapery hardware. With the help of our skilled designers, you’ll be able to determine the design you want from a seemingly infinite number of choices.

The key to a well-dressed window is details, details, and details.  Custom drapes are tailor-made to your preference, thanks to the proficiency and talent of our gifted craftspeople at custom drapes in Calabasas.  With custom draperies, you know the materials used to make your window treatments because you’re the one who’ll choose them.

Modern drapes are defined by their efficiency, sleek appearance, and impressive aesthetics. If you want to give your home or office a quick pick-me-up, the easiest way is by hanging custom-made drapes or window coverings. These window coverings give any room a more elegant appearance. They also present an opportunity to bring in color, pattern, and texture. Rather than choosing solid color window treatments, opt for drapery designs that are eye-catching. By adding simple or elaborate patterns and trims, infuse rhythm and harmony into a room.Custom Drapes Calabasas

Our custom drapes Calabasas service is a result of over three decades’ worth of firsthand experience and knowledge. We have been providing window covering related services in Calabasas and its nearby areas since the 1980s. Through the years, we’ve developed the best way to create custom window treatments like drapes and curtains.  We only use first-class materials. These include choices of designer fabrics, as well as custom made window hardware like rods, finials, brackets, and tiebacks. Contact us so we can help you design the drapes that will fit the theme of your home or office. You can visit our workrooms and speak to our designers about the ideas you have in mind.

Custom draperies are mean to either be mounted with a traverse rod using a cord which is most common for sliders, or with custom made rods and rings and pulled open or shut with a wand. We offer both. If you visit our shop, you’ll be able to personally see and try how these mechanisms work. We can also go a different route where the draperies are coordinated with valances on medallions or hooks. For a more elegant look, you may also opt for stationary side deco panels which are used to beautify and accent your windows.

Our seasoned craftspeople can help you determine which design is best for your room. If you want the windows to look taller, choose a striped drape pattern. By adding vertical stripes, you’ll have lines that draw a person’s eye upwards. This pattern is particularly effective in spaces with low ceilings. Alternatively, the horizontal stripes can make windows look wider and a room less narrow. Depending on the fabric and color, striped drapes can be contemporary or traditional.

Silk draperies are very popular. When we work with silk to create custom drapes in Calabasas, we add a lining to minimize the damage from the sun. As time passes by, silk naturally fades, but the linings and interlinings we put will help slow down the process. Today’s trend on silk draperies includes embroidered designs – specifically nature themes. If you’re on a tight budget, we also have fabulous faux silk that is less expensive than real silk and is more UV resistant.

Our custom drapes Calabasas service provides a variety of patterns designed to suit every style and room design.  We are the premier experts in our field for everything related to window treatments in Calabasas, window coverings in Calabasas, valances in Calabasas, and cornice boxes in Calabasas.  Tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll help you figure out the design that matches your vision. For:

-Drapes that suit your traditional European decor, we’ll give you plaid and checks.

-A funky retro feel or an Old World interior, choose our paisley patterns. -Drapes that will jive with your nature-themed room, consider your Calabasas custom window treatments in damask or floral patterns.

-A classic feminine feel, Calabasas Custom Draperies can do custom drapes in lace.

-An abstract and edgy look we have contemporary patterns with dots and squares.

-Luxury and drama try our velvet burnout drape pattern.

-A French Country appearance Calabasas Window Treatments can make draperies with toile having classic cute scenes printed in a beautiful setting.

Part of our custom drapes Calabasas service is sharing our knowledge about the different types of draperies. If you visit our Calabasas Draperies workroom, you’ll have access to a design library like no other. You can speak with our representative on the phone or email so we can answer your questions.

We design, measure, manufacture, and install.  Get the custom drapes you always want with Calabasas custom draperies and window coverings. Call at XXX-XXX-XXXX or email at We’ll be waiting!

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