Calabasas Reupholstery and upholstery services with a conscience.Is it worth it to recover a piece of furniture or should we reupholster it?

People can get confused with the terms upholstery, reupholstery, and recover. Technically, there’s a fine line between recovering and reupholstering furniture. Calabasas Reupholstery helps you make these determinations by informing you of your options so that you can make an informed decision.

If you reupholster, you have recovered. However, if you recover, you have not completely reupholstered.  Recovering your furniture is just putting on new fabric whereas reupholstering is new again by completely stripping the furniture and rebuilding it.

Reupholstering your couch is better than buying a new one. Why?

Your couch fits the size of your room perfectly. It’s not too small but not too big.  Would you just throw away your mid-century or Art Deco furniture for the lowest quality brand spanking new Chinese furniture?

Maybe you loved that chair your grandfather gave you 15 years ago; how can you possibly replace that? Sentimental value, memories are forever. Besides, there’s a reason why that old sofa is still around today. It’s high quality. Time might have depreciated its value, but with reupholstery, the value is invested with quality and comfort.

Calabasas Reupholstery was founded in 1972 and has been well-managed to produce quality upholstered and reupholstered furniture.

Our job is to restore your beat-up couch or reupholster your ragged sectional and smelly sofa.

The only way to recover that decorative purpose is to reupholster the furniture. It requires an investment of your time and money.Calabasas Reupholstery

Calabasas Reupholstery would love to revitalize the look of your furniture. The degree of reupholstery work includes completely stripping the upholstery foundation such as springs, webbing and padding and replacing it with a new, updated, or a completely repaired support system.

You have thousands of options in changing your upholstery fabric. You can use a suede, vinyl, leather or a solution-dyed acrylic fiber like Sunbrella.  You have the freedom to choose a full collection of fabrics with the different style, color, pattern, texture, signature brand, and price. For indoors, you can use a fabric made of polyester, linen, cotton, silk or acrylic blend. Sunbrella is just one of many Calabasas Reupholstery fabrics that are perfect for your reupholstered outdoor patio cushions, chaise lounges, sofa, and loveseats. Sunbrella fabric is best for reupholstering your dining chairs because it is easy to clean the dirt and food particles away, and is also water-repellent. You never have to worry about your chairs molding when your kids spill a drink.

If you have an ottoman, pamper it with love. You know how it helps you relax your tired feet from long hours of work. It’s where you store your favorite books and CDs too.  Is your ottoman in need of upholstery? Does your ottoman get tired of carrying all the burden for years? You better take care of it. Let Calabasas Reupholstery reupholster your ottoman and make it a beautiful conversation piece again, not only a functional footrest.

Calabasas Reupholstery will reupholster your banquettes, stools, recliners, sectionals, sofas, sleeper sofas, ottomans, benches, loveseats, beds, and headboards.

Calabasas Reupholstery reupholsters your worn out sectionals so that your whole family can sit and watch a movie comfortably. Calabasas Reupholstery is an expert in upholstering your massage recliner chair so you can fully relax and get your back massage while you read a book or watch TV.  When Calabasas Reupholstery reupholsters your sofa and couch, you can be confident that we strip down the fabric with the built in pet odors and retrieve the chew toys and bones of your dog from yesteryear. Sometimes reupholstering your couch can leave a mystery. Admit it. Your funny dogs hide their bones inside the couch, recliner or under your bed.

Calabasas Reupholstery can also reupholster your loveseat sofa bed. That way when your friends come over for the night, you never have to overthink about having them sleep on the ground or squishing on the couch.

Calabasas Reupholstery provides service in residential homes, commercials, automobiles, and boats.  Calabasas Reupholstery upholsters home theater chairs, movie seats, media room seats, office chairs, sleeper chairs, recliner beds, club chairs and more.

Calabasas reupholstery service includes upholstering headboards, walls and theater rooms.  We also repair and upholster your interior carpets, seats, headliners, convertible tops, vinyl roof covers, dashboards and door panels.

Calabasas is known for its beautiful mountain hiking trails and horse ranches. We can meet the style and function of your ranch and country home with perfect home décor and upholstered Southwestern furniture. We can reupholster your recliners, sofas, loveseats, sofa sleepers, chairs and ottomans in a cowboy style. Calabasas Reupholstery is experts in the styles that are important to the citizens of Calabasas.

The skill level of our upholsterers and interior designers goes above and beyond. Everything you need is in on the table.

Calabasas Reupholstery has a large workroom for the upholsterers to finish the job. You can also visit our beautiful showroom to see samples of our work and shop around different kinds of fabrics.

We teamed up with the world’s top upholstery fabric manufacturers and distributors to deliver a quality craft; ranging from Kravet, Robert Allen, and Sunbrella.

These are just a few list of brand names to mention. The sky is the limit! Calabasas Reupholstery has different styles, colors, texture, and patterns you can choose. If you want help, our Calabasas Reupholstery professional designers will show you solutions that will match your taste and budget.  We offer a free consultation and free estimate.

With Calabasas Reupholstery, you’ll get a personalized consultation, quality work, and a custom furniture.  We reupholster your old and new furniture according to your personal taste.

Calabasas Reupholstery will achieve the design you want with zero hassle. Let’s retouch the look of your furniture.

We have established our profession for many years to meet your expectation and make you come back to us. We only create a quality work.

All of our reupholstered furniture has a lifetime guarantee. If you are not happy with our work, just bring it to our attention, and we will take care of it.

Calabasas Reupholstery will retain the sentiment and value of your sofa, sectionals, booths, chairs, patio cushions, slipcovers, and benches. Gone are the days of having an old and worn furniture. Let’s make your home a beautiful and comfortable situation.  Our years of designing and reupholstering furniture make us legendary in the industry.