Furniture Upholstery Calabasas

Furniture Upholstery Calabasas

Furniture Upholstery Calabasas

Frequently I get asked if custom furniture upholstery in Calabasas is less expensive than buying new.  Custom furniture upholstery Calabasas, when done correctly, is new, it means completing stripping and refurbishing your existing frames to create your dream furniture.

The only thing less expensive than custom upholstered furniture in Calabasas is cheap quality Chinese furniture.  These are furniture pieces you can buy for a few bucks, but will only last you for a short period and are primarily used for temporary applications, dorm rooms, photo shoots, or staging. Custom furniture upholstery in Calabasas, when done correctly, is the highest quality that you can get anywhere in the world.

If you have an old but beloved piece of furniture begging to be replaced, or a piece of sentimental value, or pieces that just need updating, then you have found furniture upholstery Calabasas.  Save yourself from wasting money buying poorly-made furniture pieces or paying an obscene amount of money for brand new furniture replacements. In California, there’s only one name you need for your furniture upholstery Calabasas, Calabasas Reupholstery. Furniture Upholstery Calabasas

All our custom upholstery is made by our team of seasoned artists right here in the USA. The pieces are refurbished and updated locally in a workroom you can visit.  We only use sterile materials regulated by the California Department of Consumer Affairs, which has the highest standards in the nation.  The cheap quality Chinese furniture pieces imported here don’t have to meet the same regulations because they are made from the other side of the world. As such, they can be stuffed and padded with all sorts of things. Some may even pose a fire or health hazard.  You wouldn’t believe the awful stuff inside some of these furniture pieces. Some I wouldn’t even dare to show my children.

Local residents and business owners trust our custom furniture upholstery Calabasas services because they can see what they’re paying for. They get their money’s worth. You can too. Visit our workroom so you can see for yourself the clean environment where your old furniture will be transformed into something new. One of the most interesting aspects of our shop is your ability to walk in and see all our finished work right in the center of our showroom floor. During your visit, you can personally ask our designers and builders anything you want. You can speak with the specific artist who’ll handle your account and turn your furniture dream into a reality.

Our furniture upholstery Calabasas services guarantee you get personalized and updated furniture pieces. Our skilled craftspeople strip the furniture and rebuild it again using top-notch techniques and high-quality materials. Walking around our workroom gives you such a unique opportunity to see the materials we use. Our professionals can show you around, share information about anything you want to know, and help you look for what you’re searching for. Furniture Upholstery Calabasas welcomes clients to personally see the hard work and expertise of our craftspeople as they produce one-of-a-kind furniture upholstered pieces.

The best way to combat your fears about furniture upholstery is to hire the right professionals to do the work. In Calabasas and nearby communities, the locals have trusted us as their premier furniture upholstery Calabasas service provider for over 30 years now.  Calabasas Reupholstery is a team of professional and highly-skilled craftspeople who collectively have decades of experience repairing furniture pieces. In the furniture upholstery trade, experience is a major advantage. Year after year, we work on a wide range of pieces – from the most impossible ones to repair to the most delicate antiques. Calabasas Reupholstery believes that we owe our clients not just our professional service, but also our passion and dedication to produce high-quality work.

Our mission is to provide you the world’s best customer service; we are the finest furniture upholstery Calabasas service provider because we prioritize our clients. We at Furniture Upholstery Calabasas distinguish ourselves from others by providing topnotch individualized, personalized customer service.  Each client is assigned a staff member from our workroom to call, email, and stay in contact with them, providing the world’s best customer service with hands-on design expertise.  We help you navigate your way through the ins and outs of the upholstery world. You don’t have to worry even if you don’t know a thing about your furniture. Upon our inspection, we’ll provide you with all the details you need such as the quality of the materials used (wood, fabric, etc.) and the way you can preserve and protect the furniture. It is our passion, desire and lifetime commitment in this industry to provide you the very best that life can afford. I don’t say that to brag, but rather because it is the feedback we receive from our numerous clients – past and present.  The main goal of Calabasas Reupholstery for every furniture piece we handle is to turn it into something special – something that you as an owner can be proud of.

Relieve yourself from the stress and tell us what you want and our professional designers will assist you. If you have other furniture-related needs, we can also be of help. Apart from customizing and upholstering residential and commercial furniture, we also do wall upholstery and outdoor upholstery, home theater acoustic treatments, window treatments, furniture slipcovers, custom beddings, and furniture restoration.

Give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions about furniture upholstery in general or our specific services. I guarantee that you’ll receive the same care, support and assistance we give to our walk-ins.

So if you have a furniture piece that is begging to be repaired or replaced, think of only one name: Calabasas Reupholstery. With our selection of furniture repair services, we’ll do it right for you. Your old, stained furniture isn’t hopeless. Underneath it is a pot of gold with top quality craftsmanship using our trusted workshop and design resources from our innovative design experts!

Calabasas Reupholstery  is committed to providing the best furniture upholstery Calabasas service.  Call us now and let us know what you want.  Call (XXX) XXX-XXXX or email us at and see how incredibly fast we respond!

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