Roman Shades Calabasas

Roman Shades Calabasas

Our Roman Shades Calabasas service provides you the appearance of extravagant custom shades at a value that will excite and delight you. These tailored hand-made, streamlined window shades are created from high-quality drapery fabrics with first-rate headrail and control technology to make them better and safer to use. Roman shades, also known as Roman blinds offer a stunning combination of colors and textures – a contemporary decorating fusion.

Roman shades are preferred among the latest style of window treatments today. But decorating with Roman shades is not a new idea. This concept can be traced back to the period of the Roman empire, hence the name. The main differences between centuries-old shades and the present ones lie on the design styles and patterns of the latter. When it comes to all sorts of custom designs for Roman shades, Roman shades Calabasas is the name you can trust.

Residents of Calabasas and its surrounding areas can visit our showroom to see our vast assortment of window treatments and hand made window coverings like our premier Roman shades. We provide window shades that are furnished in different materials, fabrics, and colors to bring aesthetic value to your space. One of the most pleasing factors about our Roman shades Calabasas service is the high-quality blinds you get for a reasonable price. Without a doubt, our custom Roman shades can smartly transform any part of your home or office.

Roman shades are the favorite of many property owners because of their streamlined, minimalist look. Often designed with gorgeous, delicate fabric, these simple yet incredibly practical shades fold into well-constructed pleats when brought up. On the top bar, we make you a valance out of the same material which allows an additional variety of color and pattern.Roman Shades Calabasas

Roman shades are versatile and light-efficient. They provide far better temperature control than other window shades. One of our custom Roman shades Calabasas services is ensuring to create shades that are useful all-year long. During winter, you may draw the shades high to enable the sun’s natural light to get into the room. Soon after the sunset, you may shut them to stop the warmth from leaking out. During summer, you may close the shades completely to prevent overheating the room. In the evening, you may open up the shades to cool down the room.

For over three decades, Roman Shades Calabasas has made itself the go-to service provider of Roman shades Calabasas by delivering tailored, expert service and hands-on design proficiency.  We are always focused on providing the very best quality craftsmanship in all our services, we collaborate with our clients, encouraging them to participate in every step of the design process. This collaboration makes great custom design – something that will be uniquely yours.

Our Roman Shades Calabasas products are specifically created for the right kind of interior. If you want to add a burst of color to your otherwise dull living room, we can design shades in vibrant colors to perk up the space.  There isn’t any lack of options when it comes to Roman shades. There is a multitude of advantages, so they remain among the most sought-after window covering solutions today. Apart from the elegance they offer in any room, they also offer unmatched functionality.

Our on-site workroom, as well as our showrooms, can provide you with a comprehensive design library. You can use these resources to figure out the design you want. Our design library gives you the chance to discover and appreciate design trends, assess style possibilities, and decide on your ideas for the best results. You’ll also be able to speak with our design team. They can help you sort out your ideas to crystallize the one that will make your space better.

No window is perfectly square and there is no standard size window, so the only way to get a window covering that actually fits your window is to go custom measured.  The perfect solution for this problem is to hire a direct workroom professional to make custom shades for your windows. This way, you won’t have to worry about the coverings being too wide, narrow, short or long.

Our Roman shades Calabasas service can provide you with every design option you can think of. Roman shades add a touch of elegance, pizzazz, and class to any room. With our custom work, you have the option to hang your Roman shades flat or pleated for a more contemporary style. You may also choose the traditional teardrop design where the shades are folded to create a softer look.

We also make sure that you are informed on how to properly clean Roman shades. One of the advantages of Roman shades is they’re the easiest to clean. The materials we use are easily cleanable.

If you’re in LA County, get the best Roman shades Calabasas service from Calabasas Reupholstery. We are the right professionals to do the job for you. We’ve been trusted by locals for 30+ years now because of our seasoned and skilled professionals.

For inquiries, give us a call at (xxx) xxx-xxxx or email us at and take advantage of our free estimates.

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