Wall Upholstery Calabasas

Wall Upholstery Calabasas

Our wall upholstery Calabasas service is a luxurious choice to turn a dull looking room into a sophisticated space.

There are three types of wall upholstery.  First is upholstering plywood and then attaching the plywood to the walls with glue or velcro.  Second is framing off the walls or area to be upholstered with framing that looks almost like a picture frame which is useful for squared edges and for easily changing the fabric in the future.  Lastly, is upholstering directly on the wall which is the most popular way to go and is almost like wallpapering the wall but with fabric.

Wall upholstery is a very beautiful method of decorating your room and walls.  Wall upholstery is very popular in France, and you may have even seen wall upholstery in high-end hotels right here in the USA.

Wall upholstery in Calabasas is not a cheap thing; it is for beauty, decoration, and one of the luxuries that you may get to enjoy in life. If you ever thought wallpaper was pretty, then you will find wall upholstery extremely amazing.

Calabasas and its nearby areas in Ventura and Los Angeles counties can take advantage of our exceptional wall upholstery Calabasas service. We provide excellent wall upholstery in your home or office. Wall upholstery offers artistic appearance, acoustic padding, and a temperature equalized interior.Wall Upholstery Calabasas

Calabasas Reupholstery – with its three decades’ worth of experience – offers tailor-made and expert service with proficiency in custom design with an emphasis in decorative wall coverings.

If your walls are rough or damaged, like aged plaster, uneven paint, or cinder block, the cost to repair the walls for a beautiful paint job might be cost prohibitive.  One option is instead of repairing all the damaged walls is to make the walls beautiful by upholstering the walls.  If you are in a building which is a historical landmark like the one we are in then  upholster your the walls instead of touching them in a way that could alter the building’s historical significance.

An upholstered wall provides an outlet for vibrant colors, unique styles, and textures without overpowering the theme of the room. An upholstered wall is one of the simplest yet most efficient ways to lighten up or boost the entire room.

Effectively showcasing a wall puts the focus on a design feature or a focal point. For instance, the wall that secures the bed is an excellent choice for an upholstered wall, but it’s not necessarily the only option. Other options include a wall with a fireplace, a unique window, a striking art piece or a reading nook. This is where the help of a professional comes in. With our wall upholstery Calabasas service, you can ask our designers to help you figure out if the wall or room you are interested in upholstering is the right one. When you visit our workrooms or even just give us a call, we can steer you in the right direction – not just in choosing the right wall or room for our wall upholstery Calabasas service, but also in determining the right design for it. With our wide selection of materials, we’ll also help you pick the colors, styles, and fabrics you’d like to see.

To maintain a harmonious and balanced look in the room’s layout, the color of an upholstered wall must somehow match the rest of the decor. You can opt for a monochromatic style by selecting a shade deeper than the current wall paint. Another option is to choose one of the most vibrant colors in the room’s art piece, beddings, or any other room accessories like drapes, rugs or lamps. It only takes one focal point to turn your room into something beautiful.  We’ll figure out the best materials and patterns to make your upholstered wall a beauty.

Our wall upholstery service is made up of different choices. We can cover the wall with a fabric of your choice, and add paddings underneath.

Apart from the 30+ years’ experience under our belt, Calabasas Reupholstery is also known for our wide selection of materials.

We continue to build our success by specializing in excellent artistry, ingenious designs delivered by skilled craftspeople, and the ability to provide resources like our own proprietary workrooms and showrooms. Benefit from our experts and explore the intricacies of wall upholstery.

For the latest wall upholstery designs and services, call Calabasas Reupholstery at 818-xxx-xxxx or email us at Design@CalabasasReupholstery.com.



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